The Primary Election

Hi All!

First of all, thank you for all the support during the primary election. We the Sanchez Ticket wanted to address the primary election by first showcasing data made available for public consumption and address the situation.

Last week’s ASUU primary election results reflect the views of only 7% of the University of Utah student body. We want to hear your voice. Have U voted yet?

Are U in engineering? Are U in Theater? Do U study math? What about health? College of science? Do U want to be a lawyer? A doctor? What about a software engineer? Greek life or not? Undergraduate or graduate? We’re all in this together — the Sanchez Ticket (@sanchezticket on Instagram) is here for ALL University of Utah students, faculty, and staff. Our goal is to unite all departments and majors to enact policy that prioritizes the mental health and identities of each and every one of our Utes. Whether or not you’re comfortable returning to campus, we will be your advocate. Our #1 priority is tailoring your college education and experience to YOUR new normal…and the reality is, that vision is different for everyone right now.

In 2020, our nation, Salt Lake City, and our campus learned the importance of inclusivity. The candidates on the @sanchezticket understand that inclusivity is crucial to make the next steps at the University of Utah.

Thank you to all who voted for us and your support during our campaign means the world to us.

All the best,

The Sanchez Ticket



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